Friday, August 27, 2010


My name is Jahliel.
Today is a school play day.
We sang a song.
Old McDonald had a farm.
We made animals noises.
All of them.
We read a book.
It was a book about a farm.
The animals popped out.

We had breakfast.

Then we played.
In centers.

Just two, they are all that is open.
We have not learned about the rest yet.
Next week.
Mrs. V. said next school day.

We went to the fence.
We heard the loud noise.
We got in a line.
Then went to the fence.

That is a fire drill.
It is a practice for a fire.
We didn't have a fire.
Not today.

We got to play outside.

We had bikes.
We had chalk.
We had a bowling game.

We came inside.
We played.

We were in centers.
Just two.
They are open.
Just two.
Then we peed.
And went to the bathroom.
And washed our hands.
And wrote our names.
That is signing in.
We all did it.

We had lunch.
We ate pizza, rice, apple, that is it.
We went to the bathroom.
We went to bed.
We have beds.
They look like beds.
They are little.
We don't have to go to sleep.
We have to lie down.
And be quiet.
It is rest time.

After rest time, we get up.
Mrs. Pam comes to get me.
In her car.
I go to her house.
She has daycare at her house.

We found eggs in Dramatic Play.
I had a good day.
Today it snowed.
Mrs. V. didn't see it.
I guess she didn't look out the window.
We didn't build a snowman.
She doesn't believe it.

I have new friends.
They are all here.
I have a grandma.
And a papa.
And a mommy and me.
I have a baby.
She can't have fiesta eggs.
Eggs can have colors on them.
Lots of them.
You can shake them.
Sometimes there are things inside.
I don't have it no more.
My fiesta egg.

We didn't go to the playground.
We just went outside playing on the bikes.
No park.
We lost the key.
Ain't no more to say.

Written by Jahliel.


  1. We didn't have any snow today where I live, I am sure... I looked out the window! I'm sure you were all quiet and orderly during the fire drill. Your centers are interesting, you stay busy all day!

  2. Day three!
    We enjoyed reading about your day and seeing some things you've done.

    What did you enjoy the most today?

    Bye for now!