Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our First Day, Too

We came to school.
Mommy brought me to school.
My name is Reyli.
I washed my hands.
I drew a picture.
We all did.

I drew, umm, I don't know.
I drew a picture for Mommy.
It is in my cubbie.
I cried at first.
I wanted Mommy.
That is why I cried.
My picture is on my cubbie.
It is me.
All our friends have one.
That is them.

Mrs. V. put our pictures all on the board.
We all have one.
That is mine.
It is on the end.

I had breakfast.
My friends had breakfast.

Then we played.
We played in blocks.

All kinds of blocks.
There are toys.
There are animals.
All over there.

We went outside.
We played on the playground.

We found a treasure.
Under the X.

And then we read a book.
There was a dog.
And a fox.
The dog said, "woof, woof."
The people said, "no, no!"
The dog had a job.
It was to bark.
We learned about our job.

We have lots of jobs.
To play is one.
That is my favorite job.

We went to the baby center.
It is dramatic play.

There are clothes.
There is cooking stuff.
And food, and babies, and a phone, and pizza stuff, and a washer and a dryer, and that is all in the play center.

Then we had lunch.

We had oranges.
And a cheese sandwich,
Chocolate milk.

Then we had a rest.

And that is it.

Wrtten by Reyli.


  1. You had a very busy day, and a yummy lunch! I think that Pre-K is a wonderful place to be.

  2. Hello!
    We enjoyed reading about YOUR first day in Pre K and seeing your pictures! It looks like it was a fun day for everyone!