Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our First Day

Today was our first day.
Today we had eight friends.
Not all our friends.
Mrs. V. and Ms. Neal were here too.

We washed our hands.
Then we colored a picture.
With markers.
All colors.

Mommy and Daddy checked us in.
We wrote our names.
Mrs. V. put our pictures on the board.

Some friends got sad.
Albert helped them feel better.

We washed our hands.
We had breakfast.

It was cereal.
With colors.
It was good.

We worked with puzzles.

Some friends worked together.
That is good.

We learned about Blocks.
We worked with the blocks.

Then we went outside.
It was wet.
That is ok.

It was fun.
We have a playground.

We came inside.
We washed our hands.
One pump.
Two pulls.

We learned about Dramatic Play.

We cleaned up.
Mia helped a lot.
She cried.
But she helped.
Then we washed our hands.
We do that a lot.

We had lunch.

We went to the bathroom.
There is a Spanish word for bathroom.
We washed our hands.
Then we rested our bodies.

Some friends were sad.
They wanted their mommy.

We woke up.
We had a snack.
After we washed our hands.
We do that a lot.
Then Mommy will come.
We will go home!

Written by Arleth, with help from Mrs. Diana.


  1. I know you will all have a wonderful year learning and playing together, thank you for sharing your day with us through your pictures and your words.

  2. Hello!
    We enjoyed reading about your first day in Pre K! You've met new friends in a brand new place.

    Enjoy everyday learning and growing!

  3. We hope you have a better day at school.
    One of us knows someone named Mia.
    We think it.
    I hope a fun in Friday centers.
    Do you have fun centers? Which day?
    We want you to have a great day at school!