Monday, August 30, 2010

I like me!

My name is Makayla.
I go to school.
I have a brother.
His name starts with that letter.
The K.
In my name.
He is in the big school.
Not this one.
That one.
Down the stairs.
We walked down the stairs today.
Mrs. V. said we did good.
We went to the playground.
We had the bikes out there.

We found a key.
But to the big door.
Not the little door.
The big one.
Around the corner.
We lost the other key.

We read a book.
It was about a pig.
She liked herself.
I like myself.
We learned about me.
And our friends.
And Mrs. V. and Ms. Neal.
Mrs. V. has a big tummy.
There is a baby in there.
I think.
I don't have a baby in my tummy.
Ms. Neal is not here today.
She has a home day.
Another lady is here.
She has brown skin.

We learned about Reading.
That is with books.
And a turtle.

The turtle is soft.
We can sit on it.
George is in there too.
He likes to be read to.
I like to read.
I like me.

We had lunch.
I cried today.
A lot.
I want to go home.
I don't like to rest.
No sleep.
Just quiet.
I think I'm gonna sleep today.
I don't have to.

What will my snack be?
I like to color.
Blue is the best.
I made a picture.
It is for my Nanny.
Can I eat lunch at her house?
I like blue.
What is your best?

Written by Makayla.


  1. Hi Makayla and your Pre-K friends!

    I like blue, too: in the sky, the water, on birds and my husband's beautiful blue eyes!

    It's alright to cry; you love your mommy. I love my mommy, too! Pretty soon, I believe you'll come to like being with Mrs. V., Mrs. Neal and your new friends at Pre-K and still love your mommy!

    I'm glad your brother's at the big school. That must be pretty nice!

  2. I know how happy you are when you see your brother. School is a happy place to be, soon you'll be happy all day long! I like blue, too; and I love snacks, just like you!