Monday, April 29, 2013


We're learning about worms.
We're going to touch them.
We wrote a list of what we know about worms.
  • They are long.
  • They live outside.
  • In dirt, outside in dirt.
  • They are brown.
  • They look like dirt. They live in the same color dirt.
  • They might eat dirt.
Then we read a book, and we found out more about worms.
We know this now.
  • Worms live in dirt that is wet.
  • Not mud puddles, dirt that is wet.
  • They don't have arms or legs.
  • Worms are slimey.
  • And gooey.
  • They have to be slimey to stay not sick.
  • They like their dirt to be warm.
  • Warm and wet dirt is what they live in.
  • They eat dirt.
  • Then they poop out the dirt.
  • Worms make the dirt good for the plants.
  • They don't have eyes.
Worms are gross.
But cool.

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  1. Thanks, friends for increasing my Wormology. You have told me more than I ever had known!