Friday, April 26, 2013

Post Office

Today was the day.
We went to the post office.
We were so excited.
We walked there.
It was far.
Really far.
We had to hold hands.
With an adult.
Then we got there.
We went inside the post office.

When we went inside, the mail carrier read us a book.

It was about a hug.
And the mail.
And then a kiss.
The kid wanted to send a hug.
That's silly.

Then he was gonna send some mail.
He went to send La'Darrel.

Then we got to see how the mail goes away.

Then we got to be letters and packages and get IN the truck.

Some friends even got to drive the truck.
Just pretend.
Not really.
But, sit there.

Then the letter carrier let us take a picture with him.

Then we mailed our letters.
The ones we wrote to our friends.

Then we walked back to school.
All the way back.

It was awesome.
The best field trip we went on.
It is the only one.
So far.
Written by Friends.

1 comment:

  1. I'm happy to see all of the wonderful pictures of you on your field trip to the Post Office! I'd like to read the Postman's book he read to you!
    You had a beautiful day to take your nice long walk to mail your own letters to your friends!