Friday, November 2, 2012


We learned about scarecrwos.
We read some books about scarecrows and watched a video about how to make a scarecrow.
We wanted to make a scarecrow, too.
We made a list of things we need to make a scarecrow.
We need a hat, a head, arms, gloves, straw, a shirt, pants, shoes, rubberbands or string, eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, a spider, a necklace, legs and feet.
We also came up with names for our scarecrow.
We know she is a girl scarecrow, so she needs a girl name.

After getting all our materials together, we made a girl scarecrow. Her name is Lollie Scarecrow Voigt Taylor. We like her and her name.

We made a chart with the things we Know about scarecrows, what we Want to know about scarecrows, and what we Learned about scarecrows.

We love Lollie Scarecrow Voigt Taylor!

1 comment:

  1. I like your scarecrow. Does she really scare you? Hope not! I'll will enjoy seeing your creation, next time I visit!