Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Robot, The Series

Our little friends are very interested in robots. We were excited to see their interest, and how it has extended throughout all the learning centers.

They have built robots in blocks.
They have created robots using manipulatives.
They have created robots in art.
They have pretended to be robots in music.
They have found pictures of robots in books.
They have pretended to be robots in dramatic play.
They have drawn pictures of robots in writing and art.
They have painted pictures of robots in art.
They have enjoyed finding robots on the Internet.

Robots seem to be everywhere in our classroom, which is why we decided to dedicate a week, or maybe more, to learning about robots. We will keep talking about robots as long as our little friends are willing.
To show you some of the things they have created, we will add more post to Robot, The Series.

Written for friends.

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