Friday, November 9, 2012

Robot, The Series: Part 3

We made a robot.
It took so many days.
Like, a lot.

On the first day, we said we were going to make one.  (Monday)
We said, "Hey, let's make a robot."
So we made a list
And then we got all the stuff on our list.
Mrs. V. had to help us find it all.
Then we painted the stuff.
We had to put it away.
It was wet.
We had to let it dry.

On the next day, we didn't do anything. (Tuesday)
Josiah wasn't here.

On the next day, we put stuff together. (Wednesday)
With glue and tape.
It was on the Wednesday.
That was the third day.
It was hard.
The glue was wet.

We had to let it dry.
I showed my Dad.
I showed my Mom.
Mrs. V. said she doesn't know how we'll send it home.
It can't go with both of us.
Maybe she can keep it.

On the next day, I didn't do anything. (Thursday)
Leah wasn't here.
She stayed at home.
Plus we had our picture taken.
Down there in the other school.
Down in the big school.
We go down there, you have to be really quiet.

And the next day, I didn't do anything either.  (Friday)
Leah is sick.

Today we did more. (Wednesday)
We put stuff on the stomach.
They are lights.
We painted them too.
And we put ears.
And we put hands.

Leah was not here today. (Thursday)
I didn't work on the robot.

Today we finished our robot. (Friday)
We did it.
Her name is Lul-Key-Ka.
That is her robot name.
Today I put ear muffs on her.
And I put the buttons on her.
And Lul-Key-Ka is holding a picture.
It is a picture of her baby.

I made her a heart.

We are done.
She is done.
We love her.
She is the best robot we've made.
She is awesome.

Written by Josiah and Leah.


  1. Josiah and Leah,
    I love your robot, Lul-Key-Ka! You did a fantastic job! I think you should let Mrs. Voigt keep your robot so she can show the other kids too.

  2. What an incredible robot you have made and your first one, too! I've never known anyone who made one, before you!
    I was glad to see Lul-Key-Ka Friday, when I stopped by your classroom. Seeing her in person is great!