Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It is Growing!!!

We opened a pumpkin.
We wanted to know what it would be.

Today, we saw this.....

Our pumpkin is growing!
The seeds are coming up through the brown stuff.
The dirt.

It is growing some white stuff too.
Mrs. Voigt thinks that is gross.
She said it is mold.
It is inside the pumpkin.

And we saw these things.
Some fly things.
They are near the pumpkin.
Mrs. Voigt said it had to go outside.
It is raining today.
We can't take it today.
When it doesn't rain, we're going to take it out to the playground.
We're going to put it in the mulch stuff.
By the trees.
That is where we are going to put it.
We can watch it grow out there.
The fly things can go with it.
And that white stuff, the mold. 
Written by Friends.

1 comment:

  1. This is great! It's grown so much in a week! You're smart to put it outside (along with the flies and mold!). It should do just fine there!