Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like that song

I like the song.
It says freeze.
Then you stop.
And then you dance again.

My name is Qur'an.
I have brown skin.
I have black hair.
I have a brother.

I went to centers.
Blocks then art.
We have tape in art.
It is different colors.

It is hard to tear.

We have our names.
They are for centers.

You put your name on the hand.
Then you can go to that center.
But if no hand, then no.

We sang the chicka song.
I like it.
The moon comes up.
It says there is a full moon.
It is yellow.

I like to write.
I write letters.

We went outside.
The girl was a monster.
It was fun.
She screamed.
I ran away.

I took a rest.
I like to rest.
Mrs. V. went to my house before.
I watched T.V..

Written by Qur'an.

1 comment:

  1. With all that activity you NEED to rest, I'm happy that you like it. The colored tape is pretty. The hands with your names on them are a good idea so that the centers don't get over crowded.