Friday, April 11, 2014


Since we last posted, we sure have been busy!
We've done a lot of learning, had a lot of snow days (NINE!!!), gotten out of school early because of snow, been super creative, and had even more fun.
We've done some yoga.

We've written stories.

We have learned about Dinosaurs, and recreated stories in our centers.

We have learned about Firemen, and other community helpers.

We have drawn pictures.

We have created works of art. (This is a heater.)

We have written letters to our friends.

We have created structures that matched.

We have spelled words.

We have made number lines.

We have played games.

We have put train tracks together, many times.

We have made menus for restauraunts.

We have made cards for our teachers.

We have gone on a field trip to the Post Office!!


This year sure has been moving quickly, and we sure have been busy trying to keep up!!

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  1. I am so happy to read more about what you are doing in school! (I feared you were still in your pajamas!) You HAVE been very busy since your nine snow days. It amazes me how much you have done!!!
    Be good to each other, and keep up the good work!