Monday, September 9, 2013

Comfy and Cozy

We can rest. 
In our centers.

If we get tired.
We can go in the box. 
It is fun.
We can go in and be quiet. 
But just one friend. 
No more. 
It is the best box. 
It has circles on it. 
Albert lives in there.
Like a bear cave. 

We have blankets.
We use them at rest.
They keep us warm.
In our class, it can get cold.
The blankets keep us warm.

We have people who care a lot about our class. Mrs. Voigt's father-in-law built us our cozy corner, and Mrs. Voigt's mother-in-law's quilting bee made us our nap blankets. We are so fortunate to have these donations to our classroom. Each of our little friends will get to keep their nap blanket at the end of the school year.


  1. Oh, this make s my heart so happy to hear AND see!!
    Caring hearts and smiles abound!
    Enjoy learning and growing, your wonderful room and teachers, and caring friends!

  2. Your smiles are happy ones, wishing you all a wonderful year of learning and growing in a classroom surrounded by friends who love and care about you.