Friday, May 17, 2013

Food Lion

We went on a field trip to Food Lion, and had such a great time. We walked from our school all the way there. We had a lot of parents come with us, so we were really safe.
When we got to Food Lion, Mr. John gave us mesh hats to wear.

After we all got our hats on, Mr. John quized us on what was healthy for us, and what was not healthy for us. He told us that any time you can have the real thing, it is more healthy for you to eat.
He also told us that the Pilgrims had popcorn at the first Thanksgiving.

Mr. John gave us healthy foods to try.

We got to take a tour of the store. On the tour, we learned about how to find healthy choices on the isles and how to find out what is on sale.
We got to go into the room where they clean the vegetable and fruit.

We got to go into the refrigerator.

We got to go into the room where they keep the food. Mr. John said it was like a really big kitchen cabinet.

We got to go into the ice cream freezer.

We learned to much and had such a fun time on our Field Trip to Food Lion.

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  1. Wow, what a great field trip! Thank you for letting me go with you.
    What did you like the most?