Tuesday, November 27, 2012

O'ma came

Baby Gregory's O'Ma came to our class.
That is Mrs. Voigt's mommy.
We can call her O'ma if we want, she said so.
We can call her Mrs. Voigt's mommy, too.
Or we can call her Mrs. Phyllis.
She has different names.
Mrs. Voigt calls here mama.
That is because it is her mom.

She came to our class.
She did music with us.
She has this instrument.
Who knows what it is called.
I think it was a piano.
Or a violin.
Not a drum.
It wasn't a drum.
I know that.
It had strings on it.
And she put her fingers on them.
She called it something.

She sang songs with us.
She let us pretend to get ready for school.
And then we got to do it.
Laisha brushed her hair.
With a comb.
Is that brushing or combing?
And then we got in a big circle.
And then we sat down.
And we did Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
It was awesome!

Then O'ma went to Mrs. Lewis' room, and then Mrs. Phillips' room.
She said she'd see us again.
We hope so. 

Written by Friends.


  1. Hello Friends! It was so much fun to be with you and sing. You are good singers!
    Hoping to sing with you again, soon!

    Mrs. Phyllis (or
    Mrs.Voigt's Mommy, or
    Gregory's O'Ma)

  2. What precious pictures; the joy is positively tangible! Such lucky children today!