Friday, October 5, 2012


We have been working on creating sculptures at school. We have a lot of neat things on display in our classroom. We are really proud of our work! 
Feather Headphones ~Leah

Man and Motorcycles ~Josiah

Fish of Water ~Eduardo

Alien ~Christian

Pile of Leaves ~Barbara

Squater cage ~Leah and Jayden

Towers ~Laisha, Josiah, Christian

~Barbara, Laisha, Jazmin

Pig Triangle ~Jayden

Nino ~Jazmin

Flowers ~Laisha

Scooter ~Leah

Macaroni and Cheese ~Barbara

Feather Car ~Jarod

~Barbara, Jazmin, Leah, Laisha, Jayden

Snow Bear ~Jazmin

Flower ~Laisha

Written by friends.

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