Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thanks to some very generous donations through a Donor's Choose grant, we now have new helmets that all our Pre-K friends get to use.
We got twenty brand new, bright red helmets that will help to keep our heads and brains safe and protected. Now, we can use our bikes and wagons on the playground.
The bikes and wagons help us to improve our gross motor development, especially our large muscles in our legs. But, using the bikes and wagons, also helps us to learn to communicate better with each other, problem solve and take turns.
We are so excited!!
Thank you to Mrs. Voigt's Mommy and Daddy (or Baby Gregory's O'Ma and O'Pa), Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Voigt's little friends, Donor's Choose Friends and Family, and Kia Motors America for the donations so that all our Pre-K friends can keep their brains safe.

Written with Friends.

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  1. YAY! Truly fabulous pictures to post of delight and happy faces! (Made me think of little lady bugs, all over the place!)
    Wonderful weather to be out using their helmets AND the trikes!