Friday, September 7, 2012


We guessed what this was.
It is a map.
We thought it might be a map to a treasure, or the zoo, or the roads, or for a train.
It wasn't.
It was a map of our neighborhood.

We learned about Neighborhoods this week.
We all live in a neighborhood.

We have a map of our neighborhood in our class.
It has our school.
It has where we live.
Some of us live close to school. Some of us have to ride in a car to get to school.
Mrs. V. has to ride in a car.
So does Mrs. Taylor.
Jarod rides in a car, but he could walk. He has a neighbor.
Barbara rides in a car.
Christian walks to school some times.

Written by Friends.

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  1. I like the map of your neighborhood and am glad you talked about it. Did you know how close you were to your school?
    When I was in grades 3-6, I would walk to school; I liked it, except on rainy days!

    Have a good day!