Friday, March 16, 2012


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We read the book If You Were an Octopus.

The book told us lots of things about being an octopus. Some things we knew. Somethings we learned.
We learned new things about being an octopus. We learned that the octopus can change colors. We learned that the octopus can be little like a toy car or big like a school bus. We learned that octopus can squeeze into small spaces. We learned that octopus have a mouth, kind of like a beak on a bird.

We took a vote, Would You Like to be an Octopus?
Everyone, except Kenny, said, 'Yes, Please!'
Kenny said, 'No thank you.'

Then we wrote a story. We had to pretend that we were an octopus. We told everyone what we would do if We were an octopus.
We called out story Octopus in the sea.
If I were an octopus...
I would be pink and purple stripes. (Mrs. V.)
I would change my color. (Alexis)
I would change colors. (Montrael)
I would change paint. (Aldair)
Change colors. (Ronald)
Colors. (Blanca)
I would change my color. (Juliette)
I would eat fish. (Ja'Shaun)
Change colors. (Gregory)
I would eat fish. (Timothy)
I would paint. (Ayllin)
I would change to blue. (Anibal)
I would put water on the fish. (Yareni)
I would swim all day. (Mrs. T.)
I would not be an octopus. (Kenny).

We like to think with our imagination. It is ok to pretend. It is also ok to not want to pretend.

Written by Friends.

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  1. I learned things about an octopus from reading your blog, that I did not know! Thanks for sharing what you learned!

    Happy reading! Happy learning!