Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crazy, Wacky Scientist

Back in December, before we left for our winter break, we found out that our Donor's Choose project, Crazy, Wacky Science, was fully funded.We were so excited! With the break, some of us had almost forgotten about our new materials. It was such a big surprise when they arrived.
Yesterday, we received a BIG box, and we got to open it this morning! We were SO excited to find out what was inside.

We have a new light panel.

We have a new magnet board.

We have new fruit counters.

We have new color mixing center.

We have new bug sorters.

We have a new sink and float activity.

We had the best time exploring our new materials. We are so excited about science again, which is really exciting to Mrs. V. and Mrs. T..
We wrote letters to the special friends who helps to make our science dreams come true.
We are very, very thankful for their generosity!

Written by Mrs. V. and Friends.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful for ALL of you! You are good to write them to say "thank you!"
    Now, I look forward to seeing all the new, neat things you'll post that you're learning!

    Yay for you and your outstanding teachers!