Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Lights

We read the book Holiday Lights. We talked about how different people celebrate with different lights. Then we answered the question How do you celebrate the Holidays with lights?
I have lights on my Christmas tree. I have a Moravian star on my porch. I have candles in an advent wreath on my kitchen table. (Mrs. Voigt)
On my Christmas tree. (Juliette)
Christmas tree. It is a white tree. There are presents there, too.(Greogry)
I have a tree with lights. The lights are not in color, just white. (Emmanuel)
I put lights on my Christmas tree. (Montrael)
Blue. The lights on the tree. (Ronald)
I get, umm, Christmas tree. I have red lights. Only red ones. I don’t have purple lights on my tree. Then you go to bed, then Santa comes. Then you get up. There is hot chocolate(Timothy)
Tree. (Aldair)
A tree. (Yareni)
There is a Christmas tree and lights and some presents. The presents are green. (Ja’Shaun)
Lights in window. (Kenny)
I have a tree with lights. Then you go to bed. Then Santa comes. (Anibal)
Trees. (Ayllin)
A tree. (Blanca)
Carry candles in my hand. (Alexis)

Written by Friends.

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