Monday, November 7, 2011

How do you get to school?

We watched this video.
We heard about all kinds of Transportation.

Then we made this chart.

Then we answered the question, What is the best way to get to school?
I like the way I come to school.
I walk.
I get cold. Today I was cold.
I ride with my daddy. I have a cool truck. I like riding in a truck. It is loud.
I want to ride a train. I like trains. A train was in the book. That book. The Green Egg book. I like that.
It isn't the best. You live there.
I ride the bus. Not a school bus. Like the bus we yell "Bus!" to.
I have a car.
It is green. So does Blanca.
I want to ride a bike. I didn't really ride one today. I want to.
Maybe it is all good. All the ways. Yeah, they are all good.

Written by Friends.

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