Friday, October 21, 2011

Scarecrow friend

We read the book The Scarecrow Who Wanted a Hug.
Then we answered the question, "Why would a scarecrow want a friend?"

A scarecrow is sad.
He is sad because he can’t go look for a friend.
He can’t get down to look for a friend.
He is stuck.
He is stuck in the dirt.
On a stick.
It makes the scarecrow mad.
Or sad.
A scarecrow wants friends.
Maybe they can run together.
Maybe they can be married.
A scarecrow could come back.
The scarecrow could walk slow with his friend.
They might walk to school.
They would go to school to write their name and their letters and their abc’s and 123’s.
They could have to be good.
But he can’t find his way.
Not alone.
A friend would make him happy.
It makes me happy to have friends.
I want to be married.
To my mom.

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