Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We read the book I like Pumpkins.
Then we answered the questions, How do you celebrate Halloween and does everyone celebrate Halloween the same?

I eat pizza. (Juliette)
Pumpkin. (Yareni)
Eat soup. (Gregory)
I'm gonna dress up like Mario. (Montrael)
Pumpkin. (Aldair)
Play games and get a ghost. (Emmanuel)
Eat chicken nuggets. (Ronald)
Cupcakes. (Blanca)
We get candy. (Timothy)
Pumpkin. (Alexis)
I get fruit to take a bite. (Ja'Shaun)
Pumpkin. (Kenny)
Dress up. (Ayllin)
I get a pumpkin for my house. I'm going to dress up my baby like a pickle. (Mrs. Voigt)
I don't celebrate Halloween. (Mrs. Taylor)

We all do it different.

Not the same.
That is ok.

Written by Friends.

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  1. Halloween's always been and always will be special because it was my daddy's birthday! I miss him...
    Enjoy your Halloween day in your special way.