Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We are going to be learning about different points of view and how to accept other's ideas and feelings. After our lessons, we'll be keeping a journal on our blog.

We read the book Franklin's Flower Garden and watched the movie.

Then we answered the question, "Why would caterpillars like to live in a garden?"

Caterpillars like to eat leaves.
Caterpillars like to eat flowers.
Caterpillars like pretty colors.
Caterpillars like leaves and trees.
Gardens are cool, not hot.
Gardens have dirt.
Caterpillars like to dig in the dirt.
Caterpillars like to change.
They change into butterflies.
They build a house.
They use sticks and leaves and branches and flowers to make it pretty.
They live in their house then move out cause they are a butterfly.

Written by Friends.

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