Thursday, October 13, 2011


We watched the movie Farm Animals and Their Babies.

Then we answered the questions, "What do you know about animals and how are animals like people?"

Animals have mommy’s.
Animals miss the mommies.
Animals don’t go to work.
Animals live with their mommies on a farm.
There are horses.
A baby horse is called foal.
A pig lives on a farm.
A baby pig is a piglet.
The babies run with their mommies.
Babies eat with their mommies.
The mommies eat grass.
The babies eat milk.
The milk comes from the mommy.

People babies eat milk.
People mommies eat eggs, chicken, green beans, tomatoes, bananas, fruits, corn, mixed fruit.

We have mommies.
We eat.
We drink milk.
We love our mommies.
We need to sleep.
We wake up.
We have good mornings.
The shines on us.
We can both feel it warm.

Written by Friends.

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