Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today is school.

Today is school.
Maybe it is Tuesday.
I like to work at school.
My mommy brought me to school.
I'm happy.
Mommy is happy.

I had breakfast.

I drew a picture.
Caterpillar, tiger and my name.
I'm a good son.

I am sitting on the floor.
Near a triangle.
I am on red.

I went in a line.
I tucked my shirt in my pants.
I had to do it.

I went outside.
I played.
I took a picture.

I ran.
I ran a race.

I built in blocks.
I built you.
Mrs. Voigt.
When you're done you clean up.

I like school.
School is fun.
I want to play, eat breakfast, sit at the table, all the stuff you do.
Even dance and sing.

Written by Montrael.

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