Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you give a horse a carrot.

This week we have been reading Laura Numeroff's books, and we decided to write our very own If you.... story.

If you give a horse a carrot.
If you give a horse a carrot, he will want ranch dressing.
If he gets ranch dressing, he will want salad.
Salad will make him think of leaves.
The leaves will make him think of a pile of leaves.
If he jumps in the leaves, he will get it all on him.
He will find a stick in the leaves.
He will use the stick to dig in the ground.
When he digs in the ground, he will find a treasure.
We he opens the treasure, he will see gold, toys, coins, and lollipops, and some ice cream, and vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and pizza and a birthday cake.
He will take the treasure home.
When he gets home, he will tell his mom.
Then he will sit on his treasure.
Then he will open his treasure and eat a lollipop.
Then he will go to sleep.
He will dream about snow.
Snow is white. It will make him think about ranch dressing.
Ranch dressing will make him think about carrots.
The End.

Written by Friends.

1 comment:

  1. What a great story you've created! Are there pictures, too?

    This was fun! Thanks for sharing with us!