Monday, May 16, 2011


We made a house for the animals.
We built all the things.
It is a castle.
For the babies.

We worked together.
Cause we are best friends.

We care all about each other.
Friends like each other.
It is like a family; brothers, sisters, cousins, moms and dads and a lot of persons.
All the friends together make caring choices.
Listen to your mom.
Listen to your dad.
Listen to everyone.
Don't touch anything of myself.
I might be using it.
If a lot of persons might want to use it, I say "no."
I tell my mom, "I love you."
Everyone loves me everyday.
It is like a camel in the sky.
Like a moose that jumps in the sky.
They jump over the rainbow.
And all the persons in the family were good to me.
And all the choices I made.
And you can ask me, or you can like me, or just don't like me.
Just like my persons like me.
Just like rainbows and clouds and all the great things that bring together family.

Written by Abigail.

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