Monday, May 23, 2011

Dog Doctor

I just wanted to be a dog doctor when I grow up.
That is a veterinarian.
The best thing is about a veterinarian is that you help pets be happier.
They feel sick at home.
The doctor has to make them feel better.
I made a veterinarian place at school.

This is the waiting room.

I checked the animals.
The animal was sick.
He has weez in his chest.
He had to get medicine.

I gave him medicine.
It made him better.
He needed rest.
He went with his mom to Wal-Mart to get more medicine.

Now I'm going to go change to being a people doctor.

Written by Jamiya.


  1. Jamiya, you have a waiting room full of patients! I know you will be a good and caring doctor rather you treat animals or people!

  2. Wonderful Jamiya! Happy for your caring heart!