Monday, March 21, 2011

My baby

My baby.
Her name is Roselyn.
She has black hair.
She was born the other day.
Two other days.
She was in the hospital.
I saw her there.
There is a cafeteria there.
At the hospital.
Two of them.
Mommy was there.
A bed my Mommy got to be on it.
The doctor said she could.

My baby came home.
She came from the hospital.
She was in the car.
When I was at school, and I was outside, and she was in the car.
She is little.
This big.
I hold her.
My sister holds my baby.
Her name is Marilyn.
My Mommy and my Daddy hold her.
My Grandma held her.
When we were at the hospital, we were eating.
I had chips and Gatorade.
There is a cafeteria.
Two of them.

Written by Reyli.

1 comment:

  1. Reyli, so happy to hear of your new baby sister. I'm sure your mommy and daddy appreciate all of your good help with her and Marilyn.