Friday, March 25, 2011


I made a tower.
I took pictures.
Two then four.
Maybe eight.

I want my Mom to come pick me up.
I want to tell her about what I did.
After I go to bed.
I go to rest.
At school.
Mrs. Taylor said she would call me.
On the phone.
She'll tell me when its time to go to bed.
I stayed up all night last night.
That is a lot of writing.
On the bus, some body busted their lip out.
You have to tell your mama when you do that.
They would need a bandaid on their lip.
I'm going to be a police man.
When I grow up.
I was gonna be a teacher.
I switched it.
I'm going to have a girl friend when I grow up.
Actually, I might be a police at a school.
Then I can watch.
Police watch you.
They go by my house.
They go around.
They come past.
To look for someone.
They looking for a man who goes back and forth on the street.
They were looking for him.
They might fall.
He almost fell.
I wouldn't do that.
Written by Dalevon.

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