Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mary Had a Little Lamb

We played Mary had a little lamb.
This is Mary.
This is her little lamb.
It's fleece is white.
White like snow.

We made a school.
Not a castle.

I wrote school.

Then we made a video.
It is Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Written by Qur'an.


  1. Nice school Mrs. Voigt's pre-k kids! I love it. I also liked the video. Keep up the good work!

    Ms. G

  2. Great building of the school Mrs. V's class! I am so proud of you all. Especially you Qur'an. Excellent job on your writing!

  3. Hello!
    Do you have lots of lambs at school? So, did Mary's lamb make you "laugh and play"?

    Enjoy seeing and hearing about all you do each day!!
    Take care of each other!