Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I made snowmans.
In art centers.

I came to school late.
Because there was ice on the ground.
We all came late.
The sun makes the ice go away.

We watched the snowman movie.
Like the book.
They were flying.
The snowman melted.
The sun came out.
It made the boy sad.
He jumped out of bed.
He saw snow.
He built the snowman.
Then it came to alive.
He was so excited.
The boy really wanted to make the giant snowman.
Are you typing the things I'm saying?
The snowman melted.
Then the boy woke up.
The snowman was gone.
That was the end.

Well, I had lunch.
I had a hamburger.
It had bread.
And chicken.

I'm going to rest my body.

Written by Jamiya.

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